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If a hotel is fully booked, you may still be in luck; ask for a room that is listed as out of service. Rooms that have maintenance issues like damaged carpets or excessive dirt will be taken out of service until the issues can be addressed.

The rates for public play on either course range from $125-$255 depending on the time of year.

What You’ll Pay

The cost is the same for both courses, and you get a slight reduction in price for being a resort guest.

Resort guest: $200 (1/1-4/30), $130 (5/1-5/30, $85 (5/31-9/5), $130 (9/6-9/30), $145 (10/1-12/31)

Public: $255 (1/1-4/30), $180 (5/1-5/30, $125 (5/31-9/5), $180 (9/6-9/30), $195 (10/1-12/31)


– Dont have time for another full round? Try the six-hole loop. Both courses have their 6th green within walking distance back to the clubhouse. The course even supplies six-hole scorecards. The perfect place to break that pushed match from the morning.

– The halfway shacks at both courses are sneaky good. In January, the Red courses snack shack, next to the ninth tee, had barbeque and smoked sausage options, while the Blues shack on the 10th tee had three tacos to choose from. Both were standouts, and some of the best on-course food Ive had. Quick, easy and delicious.

– The practice facility is solid, if not spectacular.

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