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The response from Whitehall has been to keep arming and supporting the Saudi regime, irrespective of the destruction it has caused. Ten thousand people have been killed, yet the message being sent out is that their lives are less important than profits for arms companies. CAAT estimate the British government has licensed 2.2bn in ML10 licences for aircrafts, helicopters and drones, 1.1bn in ML4 licences for grenades, bombs, missiles and countermeasures, and 430,000 in ML6 licences for armoured vehicles and tanks. We are always being told that the UK enjoys a strong influence over Saudi Arabia, added Mr Smith. If that is true then it needs to use it to call and work for a meaningful and lasting ceasefire. It must also end its own complicity and stop the arms sales. Forging lasting peace from a conflict zone is never easy, but as long as governments like the UK continue to prioritise arms company interests then it will be civilians who pay the price. While the Conservative-led government continues to supply arms to Saudi, it says it has committed 85m in aid , making it the fourth largest donor to the humanitarian crisis. It claims to be providing vital medical supplies, water, food and nutrition and emergency shelter to more than 1.3 million Yemenis. InsideGov | Graphiq But it means UK taxpayers are, paradoxically, funding support to Yemeni victims while simultaneously supporting the Saudis bombing campaign’ against them. The Saudi government has admitted it using UK-manufactured cluster bombs against Houthi rebels, while Britains foreign office admits that British made Typhoon jet fighters have been used in Yemen.

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Chinese adore their pet canines, often dressing them up in eye-catching outfits, and nowhere are such furry fashionistas more conspicuous than in China’s commercial hub. “Pet owners like to dress up their pets, the way they would their own children,” said a woman surnamed Huang as she walked her two fluffy brown poodles, one with a pink bowtie and the other wearing a blue one, through a central Shanghai neighbourhood. View photos Or rather they walked her riding in a baby stroller as Huang pushed. It’s big business too. At least 40 percent of pet merchants in China sell pet clothing, according to Yourpet Market Research Institute, which studies the country’s huge pet industry. View photos The industry overall generates sales of around $17 billion per year and is expected to grow by 20 percent annually, it said in a report last year. “Millennials are becoming the main customers with their consumer power growing,” it said. View photos At least 40 percent of pet merchants in China sell pet clothing, according to Yourpet Market Research Institute, which studies the country’s huge pet industry (AFP Photo/Johannes EISELE) More Zhang Jiequn, a psychologist at Shanghai’s Huada Institute of Applied Psychology, said that for many Chinese, pet ownership “is a kind of escape from interpersonal relationships.” “The pet becomes a projection of the opposite sex for some people who do not find a partner,” she told AFP. Dog ownership rates have grown along with China’s fast-expanding middle class. A 2015 survey cited by the state-run China Daily said there were at least 100 million registered pets in China, with dogs making up the vast majority, and that pet ownership was growing by 10 percent annually.

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