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Sign yourself up for alerts on travel prices. You can find this handy feature online at many travel-related websites that will alert you to different prices. If a hotel or airfare drops by your designated amount, you’ll get an email alert to notify you of the change. This saves you from checking every day for the price.

A large self-catering house in Britain can be a perfect solution for a big gathering of family or friends over the festive season. However, the pick of the crop will have sold out a year or more in advance, so beat the next wave of bookings to have a chance of securing a special place for a memorable celebration. What to book: The Landmark Trust (01628 825925) has plenty of roomy, atmospheric houses, but these are selling fast. Still available is The Grange in Ramsgate, the Grade I-listed home of 19th-century architect Augustus Pugin, sleeping up to eight at 2,958 for seven nights starting December 22. Also consider Gargunnock House near Stirling, Scotland, sleeping 16 at 4,576. More options through National Trust Holidays (0344 800 2070) and Unique Homes Stays (01637 881183). 6.

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