The Divine Nine

Between 1906 and 1963, Nine – the Divine Nine – The Black Greek Letter Organizations (BGO) came into existence. Today there are plenty more, and with a membership of more than 800,000, they are clearly a healthy and integral part of academic life.

The Divine Nine incorporated some years after Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was established in Cornell in 1906. The official name for the Divines is the National Pan Hellenic Council (NHPC) and it was founded in 1930 a time when racial segregation was the official policy of this country. The same opportunities and education were simply just not available to black people and the development of the fraternities and sorority were specifically about not submitting to that position.

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Ironically all the members of the NHPC, in line with their respective universities discriminate on the base of race or religion.

As with many minorities, the initial reasons for their foundation don’t necessarily align with the feelings of modern members. Today BGO’s are engaged in helping their members in much the same way as any other organization so you can expect bgo outerwear chicago il and meetings and rituals just like any other sorority or fraternity.

But you don’t have to dig deep to get to a contentious bone which is yet another example of the tensions which lie close to the surface in American Life.

Clearly it would be better for all concerned if there were no need for BGO’s, but as long as haters hate the need remains with us. These interests must be protected and there is always a bigger safety in numbers.

When the NHCP was founded they stated the mission of being unity in thought and action – the concept for many representing the one – as well as the one belonging to all. More power to them.