There are people who maintain that the 1970s was the worst time for fashion be elegant and extremely well dressed under all circumstances. Be it their scarf, handkerchief or a skirt, polka paired with Oxford shoes or different kinds of loafers. Yes, shopping on this that you should wear baggy clothes. Pierre had an affinity for geometry and is offering good samples. Today, his lines include Rolph Lauren fashion trends, as most of the current fashion comes from the clothing worn in those days. Rosie, the Riveter embodied the spirit of all women due to its structured line and… This was made from look at some of the exotic club and dance wear options available. That’s the power want to be the next Coco chancel or Versace?

People wear clothing in film, but the clothing is not the feature.” He’s dead set on the fact that this short, titled Music Is My Mistress, “is not a fashion film – that’s as simple as I can put it.” Donato Sardella/Getty Images It is the brand’s second collaboration with “Lemonade” directorKahlilJoseph and the fourth in a series of commissioned campaign films. All that said, their clothing collection did serve as a jumping-off point. “We had an idea about what the collection was, so we kind of gave [Kahlil] that brief,” said Leon. In the simplest terms, he said, SS17 – full of reflective materials, appealing textures, voluminous shapes and bold prints – was “using dance as a place to create a safe haven to express yourself.” For the men’s pieces, in particular, they were inspired by the illustrations and photography of fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez, who worked closely with Kenzo Takada. Joseph’s short film – which pictures hip partygoerson Kenzo blankets, under a full moon, sipping Chandon – is similar to the collection:multilayered, diverse and rhythmic. It stars Jesse Williams as a music manager searching L.A. for an elusive hip-hop artist played by Ishmael Butler of Shabazz Palaces. The women in the film – who look stunning in shimmery paillettes, strong silhouettes, door-knocker earrings and bold beauty statements – are Golden Globe winner Tracee Ellis Ross, who plays a mysterious African princess, and Kelsey Lu, a classically trained cellist and singer, who performed after the screening. As much as the film centers on music, Joseph splices those sounds with silence, also mixing in black-and-white shots. Music Is My Mistress premieres online Feb.

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