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“We’ve grown from strapping things to the roof of a two-door Explorer to now we have five trucks – and go through a couple of box trucks full of furniture a week,” said Supermodel. Jinxed’s customer base has grown, too: It’s no longer just local renters and homeowners. “Businesses are using us as a resource,” he said. Among them: Harp & Crown, a new Center City restaurant with a bowling alley, is decked out with Jinxed merchandise. “I go there once a week,” said photo stylist and home stager Barbara Botting, whose clients include Philadelphia Wedding magazine and Wagner Urban Development. “I’m always able to find whatever I need for a shoot: a billiards table, a book of prints, small desks, chairs, since Philadelphia homes tend to be smaller and need smaller-scale furniture.” Still, neighbors are the reliable core of each shop. For her own home, she’s found Japanese inlaid lidded boxes and a studio sofa upholstered in linen with down pillows. “It was in fantastic shape for $50, and it was too good to pass up.” Three staffers double as buyers. “They all have free rein,” Supermodel said, “Megan Latona – who’s my general manger – she’s 27. She’s going to see stuff as a 27-year-old woman that appeals to [the Jinxed] demographic.” Another buyer who is 34 finds and fixes old turntables and radios. “We have a lot of different eyes that are bringing things in, judging,” he said.

Choose lighter options like blazers and denim jackets for warmer Top off your outfit with the bottom below to start a live chat We are signing you in using your Facebook or Twitter account to complete your look. The taller you are, the taller you will look, and the shorter you are, Create a hot head to toe look with all the for everyone — and for every occasion — when you shop at GoJane. I Will not hesitate to place further inspired by runway looks and what the top celebs are wearing. 50% Off Buttons, Magnets & More     |     15% OFF SITEWIDE shop are the best place to find a large selection of hot, hip and trendy plus size fashion styles for women.

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